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Why I’m in Favor of Genetically Modified Food

A large source of fear stems from a lack of understanding, and a lot of people are afraid of genetically modified food.  Simply injecting the word “genetic” into anything conjures up images of any number of horrific scenarios created by modern pop culture that portray an apocalyptic world created by evil scientists who went too far “playing god.”  Look up any random poll online on the subject and you’ll see the majority of the public are against genetically modified food.  Personally, I feel that fear is unjustified.  However, I don’t have a background in this subject and I don’t exactly know the reasons people have behind the fear of genetically modified food besides the unreasonable “scientists shouldn’t be tampering with our food” argument.  So I decided to start my first blog post off looking further into this topic because I find the controversy compelling.  There’s a lot of ground to cover on the subject but I try to go over all the points that I feel are important, especially when it comes to dispelling all the misconceptions. Read the rest of this entry »


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